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    The OM2210 Coherent Receiver Calibration Source includes the capability and software needed for coherent optical receiver calibration. Equipped with two independent free-running lasers and a precision polarization switch, the OM2210 is able to excite the coherent receiver with a known-polarization signal so that the receiver’s linear transfer function can be extracted.
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    From the Leader in Performance Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
    The OM4245 Coherent Optical Modulation Analyzer provides the ultimate flexibility in your system configuration by being tightly integrated with the DP070000SX Series 70 GHz real-time oscilloscopes and the DSA8300 Series 70 GHz equivalent-time oscilloscope.The OM4245 uses coherent detection to acquire fiber signals carrying up to 80 GBaud, then analyzes both modulation and source properties using the power of optical industry tested DSP. It presents a rich library of results and graphical plots with the ease of use offered by a dedicated graphical user interface. Dynamic and feature-rich MATLAB integration provides the ultimate in analysis system customization and extensibility.
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    The OM5110 Multi-format Optical Transmitter provides the flexibility to modulate all of the most common coherent optical formats at rates up to 46GBaud using either single or dual polarization. The OM5110 is an integral piece of the complete solution provided by Tektronix for coherent optical signal generation, modulation, acquisition, and analysis.The OM5110 is available with built-in C- or L-band narrow linewidth lasers and also supports the use of external lasers. Automatic bias controls make operation simple. For more advanced control, such as to simulate real-world scenarios, the OM5110 provides the user the freedom to set bias points manually.

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