SourceMeter (SMU)

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    2400 BANCO

    Tightly coupled precision sourcing and measurement
    The 2400 Series SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instruments are the industry’s original line of single-channel voltage/current sourcing and measurement instruments. Each Series 2400 SMU instrument tightly couples a highly stable DC power source and a true instrument-grade 6½-digit multimeter ranging from 1100V to 100nV and 10.5A pulse to 1pA. Alternatives to the Series 2400 line include the touchscreen-operated 2400 Graphical Series SourceMeter SMU instruments as well as the 2600B Series One- and Two-channel SMU instruments.
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    Single- and dual-channel scalable sourcing and measurement
    The 2600B Series SourceMeter SMU instruments family of single- and dual-channel models offers the industry’s widest dynamic range: 10A pulse to 0.1fA and 200V to 100nV. They significantly boost productivity in applications ranging from benchtop I-V characterization through highly automated production test.Keithley's IVy app provides a modern interface for performing quick I-V characterization with these powerful and fast high resolution SMU instruments. IVy app is available for Android and iOS.
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    Power semiconductor and component characterization solutions
    The 2650 Series High Power SourceMeter SMU Instruments are designed specifically for characterizing and testing high voltage/current electronics and power semiconductors, such as diodes, FETs, and IGBTs, high brightness LEDs, DC-DC converters, batteries, solar cells, and other high power materials, components, modules, and subassemblies. They deliver unprecedented power, precision, speed, flexibility, and ease of use to improve productivity in R&D, production test, and reliability environments. Two instruments are available offering up to 3000V or up to 2000W of pulse current power.
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    SMU 2400 Graphical

    Sourcing, Measuring, Graphing, and Analysis at Your Fingertips
    Keithley’s touchscreen graphical source measure unit instruments bring an intuitive experience to your bench for power sourcing and measurement needs.Applications: Discrete devices, components, FETs, diodes, resistors, batteries, power management ICs, solar cells, LEDs, nanomaterials, organic materials, etc.
    • Source up to 10A Pulse, 7A DC, 200V, 1000W
    • Measure down to 10fA, 100nV
    • Simultaneous 1MSample/ s voltage and current digitizing
    • Built-in TSP scripting technology and SCPI compatibility
    For choices outside that range, or for two-channel SMU instruments, consider either the 2600B or 2650 Series SMU instruments on our SMU family page.

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